This is not a story of discovery but one of expression. To not be defined, but to just be. What we are cannot be reduced to a few words; cannot be captured in a still frame.




We are what we want to be at any given instance and in any given space. In this way, we are diverse and versatile; not a single idea or emotion. Never a label, a name or a title. Never standing still or resisting change. 



We are dynamic; our outlooks adapt and our ideas evolve. We think of self-expression as articulation in a state of flux; ever-changing to reflect who we are.


KAYOMO LAB is a London-based experimental fashion label aimed to redefine how traditional pieces are worn in today’s modern world.














PROJECT 001 experiments with avant-garde elements and tweaked proportions to modernize the design and functionality of the kimono, making it more versatile and functional than ever before.

Kayomolab FW1700073.jpg

We are always somebody with something to say. We are an attitude, an expression. We are something to wear.